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A walk through the church

The Basilica on the Outside
The basilica of Saint Servatius is one of the most beautiful and most prominent churches of the area along the river Meuse. You can start your visit to the Basilica at the entrance on the square 'Keizer Karelplein'. A slideshow gives you an introduction to the history of the Church built on the grave of Saint Servatius. Click here for the opening hours. Literature on the history and the riches of the basilica of Saint Servatius can be obtained from the Treasury desk.

The entrance of the Basilica at the square 'Keizer Karelplein' is adorned with statues. The statue of Jesus Christ can be seen at the centre with those of Peter and Servatius on his side. The arches hold the twelve apostles who are leaning on four great prophets from the Old Testament: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.

The entrance on the square 'Keizer Karelplein'.