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Lees in het Nederlands

Opening hours Treasury
Usually, the Treasury is open by 10 am. During the winter months, however, on Sunday morning, the Treasury will be open by 12:30 pm.

The Treasury is closed:
All months at 5 pm except for July and August at 6 pm.

Tickets to the Treasury are available until half an hour before closing time. This decision was made, because we want to avoid disappointment or complaints when one has to leave the Treasury after only 30 minutes.

Visitors are welcome to stay in the church and the treasury till 5 pm (6 pm respectively).

After this time, when the alarm is switched on, the rooms should be cleared.
Postcards, books, etcetera can be bought until 5 pm (6 pm respectively).

Guided tours can be applied for through the V.V.V. (Dutch Tourist Office: 00-31-43-3217878). From May to October, during week days, however, hostesses will be present. They will gladly answer all your questions. During these months, tours will be held twice a day: at 1 pm and 3 pm. Apart from the entrance fee, there are no extra costs for these tours.